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The Nuts & Bolts of our Trading Assistant Services:

If you've been looking around at ALL the stuff you have that you REALLY don’t use anymore and wondered, “What can I do with this stuff? Is it worth anything??”   Chances are, you could probably use the extra cash you’d get from selling it all!  Well that’s where I come in. 

1st. Make a detailed list of your items with as much info as you have. 

        (i.e.)  1 HP Photosmart 850 digital camera in working condition

                    1 Pair of L.L.Bean heavy duty work boots - hardly used    item # bt23405

2nd. CALL ME (below)

Then we’ll set up a time to meet that’s works for both of us.  I prefer to meet at a local place like McDonald’s.  We can go over anything you’d like more info on.  If it’s something that you’d like to pursue, I can meet with you at your home and go over the contract that explains all the work that I’ll be responsible for (see below).  I’ll sign the itemized list of items I’ll be taking and selling on eBay.

The following section will explain the work that I’ll be doing for you:

The day I pick up your items, I’ll be doing research on them to get any info that I’ll need to create the listings.

The pictures of the items will be taken and readied for uploading.

The descriptions of the items will be done.

The auctions will be created and saved.  Auctions are usually started on Saturday, Sunday or Mondays.

Auctions run for 7 days.     Questions from bidders are taken care of as soon as possible.

When auction is done, if item hasn't sold, it will be re-listed for another week.

If it has sold, we’ll send out an email (invoice) with instructions on how to pay for the item.

After the payment has cleared, (it can take 10 days or an hour) we’ll get the item ready for shipping.

All items are packed well and ready for a bumpy ride. We also insure each package and get tracking info.

We then wait for confirmation from customer that they have received the item and are happy with it.

When all items are done & confirmed, we will create the report for you that breaks down all the transactions.

         Then comes the best part!!   I GIVE YOU THE CHECK!! 

OVERSTOCK: Need to get rid of costly inventory, dead items, or just liquidate some assets for cash?  We can pick up your items and SELL them!

SCHOOL FUND-RAISERS or NON-PROFIT FUND RAISERS: We provide an alternative to difficult traditional fund raising.

We Can Find Buyers for your Big Ticket Items TOO!   CARS, TRUCKS, BOATS, WATER TOYS, CAMPERS etc.  Call for INFO.


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